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  • Saturday 11:30AM – 3:30PM
  • Sunday 11:30AM – 3PM

About Us

Massage Is My Mission Mobile Massage was established to provide quality services to Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. I want to ensure my clients get the full benefits of massage services from the comfort of their home! Offering Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release Techniques, Scar Tissue and Adhesion Treatments, Sports Massage Modalities and Aromatherapy!

Maisha Hill, LMBT

License: NC 15676

License: FL MA95404

Call Me :- +1 704-507-2904

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  • Had one of the best massage from Maisha. She was very professional and efficient. When she was done, I was rejuvenated and very relaxed. It was like a well deserved visit to the doctor, she is very knowledgeable about muscles for sure. I look forward to my next visit in a week's time. Thank you Maisha!

  • I received a massage from Maisha a week ago due to an injury I received a year ago. My shoulders and neck carry a lot of tension and I'm always in a little pain. When I tell you that after our session I felt so much better. I will definitely be coming back to see her! Thank you for an awesome massage.

  • I would like to take a moment and tell everyone that Maisha is an excellent massage therapist. I came to her with pain in my right shoulder and stiffness in my hips. After a few sessions, I have full movement in my shoulder. The soreness in my shoulder and hips are gone. I leave feeling fully relaxed, yet, energized.

  • I just had a very relaxing massage by Maisha. She arrived at my home on time and was very professional. I loved that's she addressed all my problem spots. I will be referring her to my friends and family! Thank you again Maisha!

  • Maisha's delivery is amazing with every massage. The pressure she gives is perfect, Her flow is like water. By far the best massage I've received from anyone. I have serious back problems because of an accident I was in years ago ; I've tried numerous medications, those only worked for a short period of time. I've received treatment from other therapist, but her massages really helped dissolved my chronic pain issues. I feel like she really fixed me! She's the best at what she does!

  • I went to Maisha a few weeks ago to get a massage for a spinal injury that I have been going to the chiropractor for. Not only was she sympathetic to my needs she was also very intentional about making sure the massage was going well throughout the session. She made sure I was comfortable and asked questions about how I was feeling throughout the massage. Maisha is amazing and I know she will continue to do great things!